Post-Vaccination Syndrome

Post-Vaccination Syndrome

A medical diagnosis of a great number of symptoms due to vaccinations. This work formed the foundation for the CEASE therapy.


the first step to a successful resolution of a post-vaccination syndrome is its diagnosis. Homeopathy, by means of potentized vaccines developed an efficient method to an almost 100% sure diagnosis.


Once the diagnosis of PVS is considered a simple and efficient treatment can restore health by giving the vaccinations that caused the disease in homeopathic potencies. Even severe damage as paralysis, epilepsy, general decline, etc. can partially or completely be restored.


It is possible to prevent post-vaccination damage by giving the homeopathic dilution of the vaccine shortly before and after the vaccination in the C200 dilution.


Without cases all this would be only speculations. You will find a lot of cases in this homepage clarifying all aspects of the PVS and making recognitions of individual cases easier.

The information on this website is an abstract of the booklet 'The Post-Vaccination Syndrome'. The complete text can be viewed here in 5 different languages.