Post-Vaccination Syndrome

Hepatitis A

The disease

Although hepatitis A tropical disease has no specific talk I do so because the vaccine as opposed to merely given tropics passengers, often in combination with the Hepatitis B vaccine. Hepatitis A is in third world countries due to lack of hygiene sheet more. This virus is transmitted through contaminated food and water. The incubation period is two to six weeks. It is a benign disease. He is often without symptoms or in the form of an ordinary flu. Only a minority of cases there to jaundice. In developing countries, hepatitis A can be regarded as a childhood. More than 90% of adults have a natural resistance to the disease at around 40% in Western countries. The risk for tourists in developing countries is increasing as the tourist circuits are leaving. For short trips will return to the disease only to complaints.


In addition to rest and a diet with easily digestible cost is no specific treatment for this disease. Nature Medicine homeopathic and the duration of the disease are reduced.

The vaccine

The vaccine is made from human cells cultured and inactivated virus. Depending on the brand may contain aluminum hydroxide and formol. There are two vaccines needed with an interval of six to twelve months. The activity period is estimated at least 10 years.

Side effects

It may be a local acute inflammatory reaction and flu feeling. To what extent it can cause chronic complaints is hard to tell because most of this vaccine with other vaccinations given tropics. Personally I have no experience with them.

What is wise?

It is impossible to use a hepatitis A vaccine to eradicate, because humans are not the only carrier. In some types of monkeys, the virus also. Because hepatitis A is not dangerous disease, and gives no serious complications, may also responsible for other solutions are chosen. Careful handling of drinking water, only sealed bottled water, even brushing your teeth with tap water, soft drinks in your presence is always open to make, no raw vegetables, fruit first half hour in salt water, then dry and peel, except bananas. Good hand washing before you eat. May also be chosen for homeopathic dilutions of hxxxxxxxx A*. How well this works is not clear, but from years of experience with homeopathic dilutions of the ixxxxxxxx*, mxxxxxx* (see Malariaprotocol) disease and other products (nxxxxxx*) shows that there is a protective effect. You should then have 4 tubes with four different potentials in Granule: Hxxxxxxxx* 30K, 200K, MK and XMK (make Dolisos). The grains should be the sole and you can melt half hour before and after ingestion not eat, drink, smoking or brushing your teeth. The first day takes two grains of the 30K, the second day 2 grains 200K, the third day 2 MK grains and fourth day 2 grains XMK. You do the grains and not to take a one-time series is sufficient. For the malaria prevention than it is prudent to start on time and at least one week between the two series, if possible 2 weeks. Preferably beginning with the Hxxxxxxxx* A and mxxxxxx* as the last grains. If you travel regularly to the tropics it is course Hxxxxxxxx A* each year to repeat.


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* This text was censored by the Dutch government. The original uncensored text can be found at
Censored text: Hepatitus A nosode, Malaria nosode, Influenzinum