Post-Vaccination Syndrome


The disease

Cholera is a bacterial darminfectie, which transmitted by contaminated water and food, as in the typhoid and hepatitis A. Previously the disease was also in Europe, the last epidemic of 1832. Cholera epidemics are periodically in India and surrounding countries, the Middle East, Africa and South America, especially in on populated areas where hygiene is poor, as in refugee camps, natural disasters, etc. Cholera starts very suddenly with severe abdominal pain, severe vomiting and diarrhea, which is very quickly to a life-threatening condition may lead. The patient may one day 5-10 liters, up to 20 liters of fluid losses, which very rapidly severe dehydration phenomena occur when in time the water could be. If it does then restores sick spontaneously after 3 to 5 days. In areas where the disease is endemic (regular only cases) occurs, the residents for the most part of healthy carriers of the bacteria and protects against an epidemic. It by cholera is one of immunity from barely 3 months.


In a weakened population and lack of a good treatment, the mortality rate of 50% soon. If stocked gives antibiotics, but that changed the course of the disease is not real. Per infusion administration of fluid, however, the mortality rate to less than 1% fall. But in most cases, taking a salt-glucose solution (ORS) and it is sufficient available practically everywhere. A homeopathic excellent treatment can help, as in the homeopathen nineteenth century already posted .. 2

The vaccine

Since 1893, there is a vaccine, but the vaccine was inefficient and poorly tolerated. In most countries is an oral (by mouth) vaccine is available that also little work is. It protects about half of those who occupy and only a duration of up to 6 months. The vaccine is not more recommended by the WHO, but some countries still appreciate required.

What is wise?

In general, a few tourists risk, provided that the general hygiene measures for Hepatitis A typhoid fever and diarrhea tourists (the tourista) are taken into account. (See hepatitis A) In addition, this disease is treatable with ORS and good if available may also be a good outcome also means chosen homeopathic bieden.3 If you go to a country where the vaccine is required please you have side effects as much as possible by a homeopathic dilution of cholera vaccine in 200K before and after the vaccine to take. (see manual the Hepatitis A)


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