Post-Vaccination Syndrome


PVS is essentially diagnosed on the basis of carefully chosen questions directed to the patient or his parents. The practitioner should always consider seriously a diagnosis of post-vaccination syndrome whenever the complaints started at the time of, or in the period following, vaccination and a treatment according to the method in this booklet should be implemented as a first line of approach. This is to obviate an endless and ill-fated stream of examinations and therapies. Where positive results are achieved the suspected diagnosis of PVS is confirmed. Only as a second resort, if the patient does not benefit fully from the treatment implemented, should a follow-up diagnosis be made. Case 4 illustrates how wearisome this process can be.

Because of its high degree of reliability and efficacy, this method offers an excellent opportunity for establishing the cause of certain illnesses. One can trace step by step the vaccine, medicine or illness that has caused the complaint. This scheme also allows us to find the cause of the often discussed ‘Jungle syndrome’, a syndrome which has claimed so many young soldiers as victim and for which traditional medicine can offer neither an effective diagnostic procedure nor a satisfactory therapy. The case of Johan, a 19-year-old seaman, is a clear example of such a diagnostic and therapeutic procedure. See case 5.