Post-Vaccination Syndrome


The disease

The flu is an annual phenomenon in winter. The virus is transmitted by saliva droplets when coughing or sneezing. Only half of the infected people become actually sick. The incubation period is two to three days, then appear chills, high fever, running nose and the familiar muscle pain possibly with throat infection, bronchitis and headache. People with a good immune system will recover in about a week and feel completely healthy again after two three weeks. In people with a compromised immune system lung complications can occur, sometimes with fatal consequences. Frequenty sinusitis and otitis media are seen also. The percentage of deaths is difficult to determine, because these people often suffer from other diseases like heart and lung diseases, diabetes, kidney diseases, cancer, AIDS or general weakness.

The vaccine

The vaccine is prepared each year from the three most likely flu viruses, but it remains more or less a gamble. Is the flu virus to different from these three used viruses then the vaccine will not working well. The vaccine is made with only fragments of the virus, like the hepatitis-B vaccine. It has been said that the effectiveness was 60-80% in young adults and 20-65% in the elderly over 65. Last years many doubts were raised about its overall effectiveness. In children it has been proven even that it had no real effect.

An insurance company in France (Loire-Atlantique), which offered a free vaccine to its policyholders between 60 and 70 years in order to save money came unfortunately to the conclusion that vaccinated and unvaccinated people got the flu equally and stopped the experiment.2


The side-effects of the vaccine are partly the result of its components: chicken protein, formol, antibiotics and mercury compounds. Because the vaccine is repeated every year the risk of severe reactions increases. A common complaint is that vaccinees develop a real flu or feel feverish, not feeling well for a long time. Also, neurological reactions have been reported with paralysis.3

My own experience with vaccinated patients shows that they can develop all kinds of complaints such as chronic fatigue, a bad and unhealthy feeling, etc. The next case is a good example.

Case GR1. This 45-year-old Mrs visits my clinic in January for the first time and suffers since many years of diarrhea, 3-6 times per day. Her menstrual pains are unbearable and she has diabetes since her fifteen years. She is exhausted since three years and does only the really necessary tasks; in the evening she feels as burn-out. Often she goes sleeping at 9 p.m. and sweats a lot during the night. She drinks excessively pots of tea. She also is edematous and has a swollen face in the morning with swollen fingers, stomach and legs. She  regularly has severe muscle and joint pains after exertion or spontaneously in the hands and knees. She is now under investigation of a rheumatologist. This year she has got the flu, despite the flu shot she gets  every year from her 8-9 years on. She is considered to be at risk.

After the last flu shot she developed urticaria in her face, but the reumatologist denies every relationship with the flu shot because she is not allergic to chicken protein.

For me, however, reason enough to prescribe Pxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx* in a series of 30K, 200K, MK and XMK. This remedy is made of different influenza vaccines and such a remedy must be able to heal again her complaints if there is a link with her shots. The first day after the 30K, her face becomes bright red as if on fire and she has a flabby feeling in legs. Thereafter, her urticaria improves clearly. The whole course is given 4 times over two and a  half months. During the courses, she is very sleepy and very thirsty, but ultimately she feels much better, has much more energy, her fatigue and her urticaria are completely gone. She is no longer bothered with her menses, her diarrhea is much better and her muscle pains and edema have disappeared completely. Her thirst is back to normal again and she has to take care even to drink enough. She speaks of a miraculous cure. Finally she got the detoxification course of flu six times.

Case GR2. Mrs. S. was a healthy 65-year-old lady, did not use medical drugs and lived an active life. Yet her doctor told her that she was eligible for the annual flu shot because she reached her 65 years of age, although she never had the flu before. Then she fell so sick that she needed a course of prednison, but since then she did not recover completely anymore.

Every year she got a new flu shot and her condition became worse and worse.  Three times a treatment with prednisone , high blood pressure, tightness in the chest, excessive sugar and all kind of allergies were the result.

She took 6 different drugs when she first consulted me. Her children were worried and said to each other that their mother would probably die from the flu (shot). She was tired and listless, she had become a wreck. However, the g.p. never condirered that she would be better off without the flu vaccine.

A detoxification with the flu vaccine in homeopathic dilutions resulted in a miracle. She recovered fully, felt energetic and enjoyed life again. All drugs could be stopped without any problem except the one for her high blood pressure.


In regular medicine paracetamol or asperin is often given  to reduce fever and pain. The suppression of fever, however, extends the disease process and increases the risk of complications. Fever is part of our defense mechanism. With a good immune system our organism is able to develop high fever, then only there is a good reactivity. Wether the flu is caused by a virus, often antibiotics are prescribed to prevent or treat bacterial complications.

 The flue can be properly treated with homeopathy, it  shortens the disease process and prevents complications. With natural health measures the disease process can be shortened also. Vitamin C in high doses (6-12 grams per day) strengthens the inmmune system, including the stimulation of interferon production. Also echinacea, cranberry and other healthy products can increase the level of general health.

What is wise?

The influenza vaccine is surely not harmless, it has to be repeated every year and can damage our health without the patient or the doctor being conscious of it. The flu has also positive effects. Research showed that diseases with fever that heal spontaneously (without suppresion of fever) reduced significantly the risk of skin cancer4. This applies probably to all  all types of cancer, but it is not yet investigated.

To prevent flu I used successfully over 20 years  the  homeopathic Ixxxxxxxxxxx* 200K. 5 A clinical study with this product, with 100 patients, of which 82% got the flu every year, showed only 11% of infection. When the same prevention was repeated the next year, the results were even better. Only 6 percent were infected. The results are significantly better than the flu shots and this treatment is almost free of side effects. 6 It is a dilution of 100 -200 , so pure energy. For people who are at risk, however, I recommend a homeopathic doctor, other resistance-enhancing measures may be necessary to minimize the risks as much as possible.

Judge for yourself how effective flu vaccines are: an English article in the British Medical Journal of October 2006

* This text was censored by the Dutch government. The original uncensored text can be found at
Censored texts: Polyinfluenzinum, Influenzinum


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