Post-Vaccination Syndrome


The disease

As with tetanus the danger lies in the toxin. This bacterial disease starts as a throat infection with severe pain, which is to extend the larynx (laryngitis) and can cause anxiety, known as croup. The swollen glands in the neck and tonsils and the uvula is covered with a yellow-gray, thick and very sticky membrane. This membrane can cause serious respiratory problems to choking again. The infection is mainly through saliva droplets when coughing, but also clothing and toys. The toxin is responsible for heart and kidney complications and muscle paralysis of the eyes, throat and limbs. The last major epidemic in Europe dates from 1945. Insufficient medical care dies quarter to the disorder.


After the Second World War diphtheria disappeared quickly from across Europe and in countries where there are few where many were vaccinated. Living conditions are also a decisive factor. Itself shows an increase of diphtheria in certain countries of the former USSR. At the beginning of the nineties, there were 150,000 people infected and died 4000.


The allopathic treatment consists of injections with the vaccine was transferred serum from horses. The treatment is not without risk because of the sometimes serious reactions to horse proteins. This time, the intensive care opportunities the disease less dangerous.

The alternative treatment consists mainly of magnesium chloride (bitter salt) 20 grams per liter of water. Dr. Delbet, a surgeon in France this method had been successfully used in the First World War wound to prevent gangrene. Dr. Neveu applied the method successfully in diphtheria cases between 1932 and 1945. His method was never known because the Académie de Médecine the publication of Professor Delbet refused. "A new treatment method to raise the vaccination would prevent and it was precisely the intention to carry out vaccinations in general." 2 magnesium chloride with a homeopathic treatment can effectively treat the disease.

The vaccine

As with tetanus, it is anti-toxin, the toxin under the influence of heat and formol denatured. When there is suspicion of a diphtheria serum and antibiotics were added. Because it is a neutralization of the toxin is, the vaccine has no value in preventing the disease, as with the tetanus vaccine. There are still a number of healthy carriers of the diphtheria bacteria in the Northern Hemisphere, regardless of their vaccination. Because the vaccinale protection reduces the time, the diphtheria vaccine every 10 years must be reiterated. So we can say that the majority of the Dutch population insufficient (vaccinaal) is protected against diphtheria, it has no practical consequences and there is no pressure.

Side effects

The diphtheria vaccine is only in the combination DKTP and as such it is not exactly the adverse effects mapping. However, particularly in Switzerland where more than twenty years homeopathic vaccines ontstoord with the method of Dr. Senn this vaccine is associated with a tendency to throat inflammation, laryngitis, heart problems and neurological disorders.

What is wise?

The diphtheria vaccine is not sold separately and is always in the combination vaccines for children. (DKTP, DTP). Since the living conditions of the greatest role to play would prove the vaccine without problems can be omitted and should only be reintroduced if we ever had a devastating war or other threatening circumstances stream such as natural disasters, etc.)

For further information please read: Diseases and vaccines detail, issued by the Dutch Association of Critical shots, June 2001


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