Post-Vaccination Syndrome


The disease

Tetanus is caused by a bacterium which occurs in soil and manure, but also everywhere else, including dust and can survive years in trace form. It is a anarobe bacterium, that is to say that he is only a low-oxygen environment can develop. Therefore, tetanus mainly occurs when dirty and deep wounds, bites or after stabbing with a pointed object. Strangely enough at 20% of the tetanus cases and no wound infection found. In an open wound clean and tetanus will not occur. If it develops tetanus toxin is separated from the spinal cord nerves and brains achieve what causes severe muscle spasms in the limbs, jaws, swallowing and breathing muscles, making a life-threatening situation may arise. The first symptoms appear between 2 and 50 days and the first manifest themselves in the face. The masseter muscles were drawn together and the mouth can not be opened. Without treatment 50% heal spontaneously. In rare cases the illness to death.


The disease is not contagious. By tetanus annually about one million newborns in the developing countries due to lack of hygine, especially if the umbilical cord to non-sterile way through. In the West is almost gone by tetanus hygine better, better care of wounds and the use of antibiotics. The introduction of the tetanus vaccination, the downward curve from 1900 can not affect the vaccine prevents the disease is not. At the time comes tetanus in the Western world, especially among people over 50 years, the average is 74 years. Before children run the risk of tetanus is almost zero.


Since the sixties, a human serum injected that vaccine transferred from individuals. The side effects are much smaller than the horse serum that was used, but the serum does not work in all cases. Preventive measures such as green soap washing dirty wounds, the use of hydrogen peroxide and disinfection are essential to prevent tetanus. Please note that the serum is different from the vaccine. The vaccine in the form of the combination DKTP is preventive. The serum is used as a person still could get tetanus, and also in hospitals as a dirty wound and more than 10 years has had tetanus vaccine. The early recurrence of the tetanus vaccine may be dangerous by the formation of an immune complex, a massive inflammatory reaction can result ..

Already in 1950 there were a hospital doctor excellent results in eight patients events by providing them with a daily injection of 20 ml magnesium chloride 25% geven.2

In homeopathy good results were achieved in the prevention of tetanus. Pxxxxxxxxx* resources, Lxxxx* and Hxxxxxxxx* have a good reputation in this field.

The vaccine

The vaccine was invented in 1923 and is the first vaccine that contains the whole germ. It contains the toxin and not obstruct the development of a tetanus infection, but only neutralizes the toxin that it produces. It would be a relatively harmless vaccine should be were it not that the remains of the fertile ground on which it is grown contains. It also contains formol and aluminum.

Side effects

The side effects are of allergic nature.

What is wise?

As I said, there is no reason for children before they are all to vaccinate against tetanus. There may be sufficient for two months between vaccination with two breaks and a half years after repeating a year.

For further information please read: Diseases and vaccines detail, issued by the Dutch Association of Critical shots, June 2001


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* This text was censored by the Dutch government. The original uncensored text can be found at
Censored text: Pyrogenium, Ledum, Hypericum