Post-Vaccination Syndrome


The disease

Mumps is a viral disease of the salivary glands (Parotid) holding between the ear and the jaw angle located. The swelling, the child's special appearance. The fever is moderate and the child has a headache, not hungry and after a week the weather expected complaints members. But with one third of the children is almost the infection without symptoms. In yet a third is the flu as a disease and only the remaining one-third the typical act of swelling in the salivary glands. The disease is transmitted by saliva droplets when coughing. The disease is not really epidemics and a lasting immunity. Fri mumps vaccination was 90% of the adult immune to this disease. Other glands may be affected, especially the pancreas and rarely, almost exclusively in adults seed balls, ovarian and breast glands. In adults, the disease tedious. The fear of sterility in men is not right testicle inflammation (orchitis) is generally only one-sided and do not necessarily have caused the loss of function of the testicle. Yet almost every parent stuffy death for mumps in their boys and that the argument is mainly used to give a BMR. Even the RIVM clearly on its site that it is not a risk for boys is reel. A meningitis (meningitis), and can cause headaches, but is mild in nature. In very rare cases there may be a one-sided hearing loss may occur.


If treatment is usually prescribed paracetamol that suppress pain and fever. This is not recommended because the defense against the infection is suppressed. The homeopathic treatment is, however, aimed to strengthen the defense, making it faster healing the sick and less suffering.

The vaccine

It contains a live attenuated virus, which is grown on kippenembryos. GIEN all the many children and adults for chicken protein can be explained here.

The effectiveness of the vaccine is not very high, because there are already several epidemics have been under vaccinees. The vaccine has a limited duration and the risk of the disease in adults, because they were in their childhood years may have no natural immunity to build. After 1990, several countries have their mumps vaccine should refrain because the more cases of meningitis (meningitis) caused the disease itself. For instance, in Switzerland in 1995 en1996 the number of hospital admissions due to mumps meningitis strong and was much higher than in 1985 before the vaccination against mumps started. Of the 45,000 bofgevallen, 70% against the disease ingent. The vaccine is always given in a combination vaccine (BMR)

This vaccine is not recommended by the WHO for Europe.

Side effects

Because the vaccine is always given in combination is not possible vaccine side effects specific to assess. The BMR as a whole is often associated with behavioral disorders such as ADHD and autism and ulcerative colitis, a chronic bowel inflammation thick. In my practice, I can see that several times.

What is wise?

The first is the widely heard argument that boys can be sterile from the mumps, as I said absolutely no reason for an especially boys bofvaccin (BMR) to give. Sterility by mumps is a negligible risk to children certainly will not happen. However, several studies showed that women in their childhood mumps had less risk of ovarian cancer to gain. Persons who have not had mumps or only in adulthood, have more chance of multiple sclerosis (MS) Furthermore, the decision on whether or not giving a BMR to be taken on the basis of how useful the vaccination against measles and rubella considered become. (See What is wise? In the article on measles and rubella.

For further information please read: Diseases and vaccines detail, issued by the Dutch Association of Critical shots, June 2001


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