Post-Vaccination Syndrome

Pertussis 1

The disease

Pertussis is primarily characterized by very strong suffocating, dry cough especially at night, with a typical gierende inhalation, often with vomiting, with some sticky mucus up to the end of the hoestbui. The temperature is almost normal. Pertussis begins like a cold and cough irritation over a modest one to two weeks. If the characteristic uncomfortable cough begins when the diagnosis can be made, it is already too late for antibiotics because the symptoms than are caused by a toxin. This disease is highly contagious through saliva droplets by coughing and the Netherlands is still widespread despite high vaccination coverage of the Dutch population. The rate among children below one year has increased by vaccinating because mothers are no longer sufficient antibodies to their Babi Programs can give mothers also have been vaccinated against the disease. Since the vaccination against whooping cough, we also increasingly tiny Babi's a few weeks to several months with whooping cough to face. Only these kids are at risk in all the slime and choke to death because their lungs and muscles are not yet strong enough to withstand the often tough to throw out mucus. But with good medical care and homeopathic treatment do this whole little to death as the first case appears. The rate among adolescents and adults is increased by the vaccination. In some cases, complications such as pneumonia and in very rare cases, encephalitis (brain inflammation) or convulsions. The disease soon takes two to six weeks at full intensity, and the violent storms suffocating cough gradually less intense and less frequent. The cough may continue for many months thereafter until even years. I remember a girl of 14 years who came to my office hours because they are already 6 years cough especially at night. She was still coughing when she was on her eighth pertussis have occurred. Drinks cough had not the slightest effect and even some homeopathic treatments were unsuccessful. I gave her Pertussinum (made of the pertussis bacterium itself) in four ascending potentials (30K, 200K, MK and XMK). Her cough disappeared completely within two days. The whooping cough in its energy system stuck and caused a persistent cough.

Report on the pertussis vaccine by the Health

Beginning in April 2004, the Health Council with a damning report on the Dutch pertussis vaccine. In the first report that the Dutch vaccine side effects much more than us for many years held by the RIVM. Due to the acellular vaccine to move to the Netherlands in 8000 annual cases of "very harmful side effects' should be avoided. By January 2005, the acellular vaccine in Rijksvaccinatieprogramma (RVP) included. It is not anticipated that this acellular kinhoestvaccin would work to ensure that the cellular, as the pertussis bacterium dezefde made as the old and the bacterium has been altered (mutated). Because the vaccine only be administered in combination DaKTP is difficult to determine exactly what the pertussis vaccine, and some of the other vaccines or a combination thereof. However, studies indicated that the DKTP much more side effects than the DTP. The vaccine is being held responsible for many neurological disorders. When in Japan in 1975 DTK was postponed for two years showed a huge decline to occur in neurological disorders: the number of permanent neurological disorders decreased from 57 to 19 and the number of deaths due to neurological disorders from 37 to 14 over a period of 5 years . 2 Also, infant mortality fell dramatically, and Japan from the seventeenth to the first place in the world increased in terms of the lowest infant mortality. It appears that the very early vaccinated (in the Netherlands already in 2 months) a lot of extra risks. But also developmental, dyslexia, behavioral disorders, autism, and various infections such as otitis media, chronic colds, sore throats, bronchitis and asthma are associated with this vaccine.

Regular or homeopathic or both?

In the mainstream medicine, there is no effective treatment for whooping cough, because as I said antibiotics short as once the disease is recognized. However, the hospital life-saving work as a small child is likely to choke in his slime. Pertussis However excellent homeopathic treatment. I successfully treated some forty children and adults and in many cases, the cough within a few days to a week in full, sometimes suffocating the mucus disappeared in one or two days and sometimes it took a little longer as the right tool could not be found become. Hence my advice to children with whooping cough homeopathic treatment, especially throughout the small number of months that serious risk if they are regularly treated. That since 1996 officially 8 small children pertussis deceased star is even more depressing, because within the homeopathic medicine has the expertise to effectively treat these children. However, mainstream medicine negative towards this help and called HC Kha Rümke and Visser in an article in the Dutch Journal of Medicine, childhood vaccination in the year 2004. II. Real and alleged side effects 3 , my advice to children with whooping cough homeopathic treatment irresponsible. They too must know that the regular physician has little to offer, as case 1 shows. But mr. HC Rümke is located are not many facts. In the report on Vaccination against Pertussis in April 2004 by the Health, states: "The death due to pertussis in the Netherlands after introduction of vaccination in 1953 as good as gone. Since 1996, however, for 8 deaths occurred almost exclusively (7 cases) in children who have not been vaccinated or not (source: CBS). The mortality of these very young infants indicates increased circulation of the bacterium in the population. (...) " 4 It is logical that these very young children (Babi's) has not yet been fully vaccinated, because they were simply too young for. But mortality has hardly anything to do with whether or not fully modeled. It has almost exclusively to do with age. A few months old Babi's still too little to force the mucus often tough to cough and choke in their mucus in breathtaking dry cough. But we do not gemaand on the new vaccine and wait for it to vaccinate against whooping cough. The Home Care wrote in a circular to the general practitioners to the new epidemic to announce that the current whooping cough vaccine sufficient to protect against pertussis. A work worthy way of logical thinking and dealing with facts. If I would call it misleading, but the government is like hot cakes swallowed. The end justifies the means. Home care also know that in the newspaper report that homeopathy can not cure whooping cough. Yes, what they know well, then your question. Would they know better than I am already 30 years experience in homeopathy and have extensive experience in the treatment of pertussis. Where would that information then they have come. Or is it under Chapter misleading information. Even Mr. 5. H. Calls to Rümke mainly slips and is not located behind the actual facts. In Washington on 7-08-2004 under the title speaking Delaying vaccination against whooping cough leads to deaths' puts Rümke, pediatrician and epidemiologist from the Erasmus Hospital in Rotterdam that he the declining number of inoculated against whooping cough children is dangerous: 'Here is irrevocably of thunder. " Now he is suddenly the last 4 or epidemics caused by a declining vaccination, while the Health clearly correct in its report stated that the vaccine is no good. Now, disobedient to parents who prefer to wait for the acellular vaccine suddenly done. The NVK (Dutch Association of Pediatrics) says' that children will die if the parents pertussis vaccination postpone . " Scare or they would not have read the Health? Further claims Rümke still 'that the 8 children, the last eight years of pertussis are deceased, all were not grafted. " or deliberately mislead and scare it also has the report of the Health not (good) read?

The media to disseminate misleading information. In an attempt to respond to the decision of the Home Care pertussis that homeopathy could not heal, I called several parents whose children I had cured of whooping cough (with homeopathy!) And ask if their story to the newspaper wanted tell. One mother even responded with "I do everything for you, you saved my child." But the newspaper suddenly wanted nothing more about publishing. Who said that I have is the truth and also parents who might not ever tell the truth. Whether they wanted to call some homeopathic paediatricians and our homeopathic doctors association (VHAN)? But it did not, they wanted nothing more about publishing. Why then is the claim of the Home Care on homeopathy were published, it was not me. My frustration was great.

The Diagnosis

Actually, the diagnosis easily as it is a real kinhoest goes. Usually I have the diagnosis on the phone by a few targeted questions. Parents with small children may then come the same day. For all kids is any delay undesirable. However, the diagnosis often missed (as some cases show), probably because too little attention to history (with patient or parents) and spent too much on the physical examination will be placed. If the whooping cough symptoms after one or two weeks coughing atypical manifestations, the diagnosis of the following characteristics (symptoms) are made. Usually one or two blood tests can confirm again.

  1. Earlier contact, one or two weeks earlier, with someone who had proven pertussis.
  2. A gierende inhalation
  3. A suffocating cough attacks that night clearly increase. During many children have little or no expense. The children seem very sick daytime.
  4. No fever, unless there is a super-infection
  5. Vomiting or keck during the attacks is often a secondary phenomenon, but not required.

Several additional symptoms determine precisely what homeopathic means must be: watery eyes, red during coughing, phlegm or dissolve very tough, fibrous slime, blood nose when coughing, whether or not thirsty, sweating in the head during the cough, or the child continues to lie or sit down measure during the attack, whether he is awake or semi-delirious not awake to, or fear, and so on. Each particular symptom may be the appropriate leyden.

Various additional symptoms determine precisely what homeopathic means must be: watery eyes, red during coughing, phlegm or dissolve very tough, fibrous slime, blood nose when coughing, whether or not thirsty, sweating in the head during coughing, or the child continues to lie or sit down measure during the attack, whether he is awake or semi-delirious not awake to, or fear, and so on. Each particular symptom may be the appropriate leyden.

The homeopathic treatment

First just something about the homeopathic treatment, which makes the story clearer. It is always in homeopathy to find the appropriate means, based on the symptoms of the child and the experience of the homeopathic doctor. With a small child with pertussis you go to an experienced homeopathic doctor, not someone who just started his practice. When you have whooping cough pertussis typical symptoms and specific symptoms, the latter often what means should be. A wrong way than doing virtually nothing and remain subject to the symptoms persist or come after a brief improvement in one or a few days back to back full severity. The healing move or not. I always give me 3 opportunities, then I have a good seat. But within 24 hours you know whether it works or not. I let the parents the next day to call back to report to. Thus, still short term treatment. You do not have to wait weeks to know if it works. I recently treated a baby of 5 months (Rik) with pertussis. I saw mother and child at the end of my hours, because these cases have my absolute priority. I wrote the child Natrum muriaticum 200K in an aqueous solution. The mother was still a teaspoon three times before they brought the child to bed. It slept all night without even a single cough. When mother called me the next day, she was surprised. Is that really a doctor. Yes you can really, if you shoot right in the bull's-eye with your waist. I recommended that two more days to continue with a teaspoon every hour of the drug to prevent relapse. But the pertussis was fully healed. If there was an abrupt end to the typical so frightened, suffocating cough nocturnal showers, where the child no longer seemed to come. But it would be unfair to claim that it is always so easy. Sometimes it takes a while before you've found the right way and you have a child one or two times to see. You never know whether a product is intended to strike. Nevertheless, this kind of just how well some improvement often means leaving more time and space to find the right tool. For example, the tough mucus in 24 hours completely solve, but the child still get cough attacks. The big danger is passed and the child feels then, just as the parents, despite the attacks much more comfortable. The oppressive nature away. A follow means necessary. Examples can be found at the end of this article.

What is wise?

Now the Netherlands since 2005 to the acellular pertussis vaccine is over, the arguments for leaving the kinkhgoestvaccin largely lapsed. In practice, it is clear that there are many fewer side effects seen. The new vaccine does not lead to less pertussis cases and the burning question remains what we do with children and especially the little ones for whom life pertussis dangerous. The expansion of the vaccination program for an additional 4 years with pertussis vaccine has not changed . That the best you as soon as possible to an experienced homeopathic doctor can because that efficient, usually within a week to heal, I unfortunately since the ruling of the Disciplinary Regional College Eindhoven (file number 0515, dated April 19, 2006) does not more say. In paragraph 5.10 says the Disciplinary Board: In (the summary of) the article suggests, however, the defendant further, that deferral of the vaccine to an unexpected childhood acting well to homeopathic treatment. The defendant used a nuanced argument that is inadequate, not scientifically supported, is not based on evidence based médecine, but is based on personal experience, however, that may lead to decisions of parents or later in order not to vaccinate. With the College of the complainant considered that as a result of this lack of land-based children can be exposed to the risk of making the disease, which risks for the individual health of children. (...) 6. The decision : , the complaint is well founded as 5.10 considered defendant and submit the measure of warning, the complaint points for the rest. Curiously, both the Eindhovens Dagblad as RVP News (NSA) in their reporting pretend I have received a warning for all my statements about what vaccinations not the case. After all, the warning only applies to 5.10 and for all the rest, I acquitted. I was indicted not because I would disseminate inaccurate information ?..... Coincidentally (?) I treated in the period between hearing and ruling with an adult whooping cough. Judge for yourself. She wrote me the following story about her treatment.

Dear doctor Smits,
I would like a response to your treatment with regard to my pertussis.
On Feb. 4. 2006 I became ill. After it turned out I had whooping cough opgelopen.Na an antibiotic treatment, and Prednisone, I was not much beter.Ik have my doctor asked for a blood test because I am a professional singer, and would certainly like his diagnose.Het showed after 2 weeks waiting for the results to gaan.Ze indeed pertussis disease also known as the hundred days illness, so long as you continue to suffer attacks of cough.
I was told that there is nothing to do, but sometimes I had to wait how it would go.
attacks the night I was very anxious, and I've often thought that I would stikken.Het was a month right to sleep with a bucket next to my bed for the vomiting after a coughing attack. < BR> After a week or 7 but I was coughing, and many suffer a kind of slime on my marble stembanden.Dit caused trouble I had my vocal cords to close and show to make, both in speaking and singing.
After 8 weeks, I was so desperate, I still do not work (I work in the Great Radio Choir in Hilversum) In an office, I was a long time back to work, but as a singer I could not.
I'm using the Internet to Dr Smits in Eindhoven gekomen.Hij rightly claimed that one week I would sing.
I told him that he inzette.Ik high when I started with his homeopathic pilletjes .
This was maandagmiddag.Dinsdagochtend I woke up without a cough attack gehad.Dinsdagmiddag have my husband said to me that my speaking voice was a lot better klonk.Woensdagmiddag the slime of my voice and I want to turn in the garden to all those weeks werken.Ik had no energy for gehad.Een week later I'm working on my voice koor.Heel slowly comes back, and it feels very bijzonder.De pertussis is still in my system, I still cough morning but it is very manageable geworden.Ik'm very pleased that dr.Smits me in such a short time to sing has gekregen.Ik am very sensible in such cases, but here you talk about an apparent lung bacteria.
there is nothing between my ears, but the reactions of my environment, especially for me sufficient evidence that the treatment of Dr Smits very well with me, am aangeslagen.Ik him very grateful voor.Ik speaking entirely on behalf of myself and really do not know whether this is so others will go well. For me, the total standstill after 8 weeks in a huge acceleration in disease healing data.
With greeting Fri,

Pertussis is no dangerous illness, except for all the little ones, especially few weeks or few months old, until about a year. The kids are all good homeopathic treatable. Children who have been inoculated as serious pertussis as children are not inoculated. It is a myth that vaccinated children are less than they would receive. Experience shows it is not. Also homeopathic pediatrician Yvonne Pernet, who for years as a pediatrician in a regular hospital work, and saw many children with whooping cough, my experience confirms that there is very little difference. Yet a representative of the NSA Dr. M. Weststrate, product manager of the pertussis vaccine Trouw of August 21, 2004 that none of the vaccinees really get serious pertussis. "The cellular vaccine that we use one hundred percent protection against severe forms of pertussis, you is not dead on, you're not sick for weeks. Despite the vaccination, you can have a mild form of whooping cough, but not serious. " It is unfortunate that the lord of pertussis cases Weststrate not see, otherwise he would not argue, unless it is purely propaganda than you can sort of things do undisturbed claim.

Anyway with a child, the young, which by a suffocating cough attacks in which at night are worse than the daytime, do you good as soon as possible to help, where the expertise to cure the disease quickly. Where is everyone should be included then.

Example homeopathic treatment of cases of pertussis

Case 1: Manou please keep life

Manou is only a few days old if they are infected with pertussis by the sister of the mother and two grandparents. In two of the three is the pertussis confirmed by blood tests. However, in the hospital diagnosis repeatedly questioned, and dangerous situations. Also, the seriousness of the situation several times underestimated and mother are fighting like a lion to save her child. She soon as a concerned parent identified. But at that age can be a deadly disease whooping cough. Manou is a total of 5 times in the hospital, including three times with prosperity, because they threaten to choke. She saves every time and then just after a week back home as the most serious complaints about his back. But within a week, sometimes after only a few days, they're significantly stuffy, because the medicine is no standard treatment for whooping cough. Only the anxiety can more or less symptomatic contested, but lost in the disease is not on. Manou as four months old (after five hospitalizations) is mother to her daughter with me to consult. I tell her that the treatment of whooping cough in homeopathy is not a problem and that her child in all probability will soon heal. She looks at me astonished and incredulous. However, as it takes to get on the right track. The first means something coccus Cacti provides relief but does not clearly healing as we used in homeopathy. The second way Cuprum arsenicosum doing something but not enough, it makes clear Manou less anxious. But Pulsatilla 30K, followed by higher real potential to save and make it almost immediately that the dry cough less stifling and dangerous. Manou begins even whole nights sleep. The pediatrician would now consider whether Manou no serious long exemption and want to do a biopsy. I advise parents to wait. I assure them that these complaints purely by pertussis can come and that the child now needs rest. But the fear is still there in large mother and the child she dares not only to second and each cough or hem by her and bone marrow. If whooping cough is far enough, we are treated to a constitutional treatment (more on the overall health-oriented). Then the remaining cough finally disappears in a few days on the plea Saccharum Manou and is finally completely refurbished. Then mother has peace and can also return the child to a babysitter leave. Meanwhile, Manou four years and a super healthy infant without lung problems.

Here follow the hospital experience of mother, told by itself

Experiences and experiences of the mother in the hospital

First hospitalization: saturatiemeter does not work, released by nursing

-Second PNAM hospitals so doctors doubt the seriousness of the story because they never mother in the attacks of Manou are tapotage by physiotherapist works only worsening; The physiotherapist Manou deals with terror. Never say something engs to have seen happen during a treatment . Mother often forced Manou incentives to administer pain in her face to revive her breathing going again, but on that night Manou hardly respond. In a panic call mother at 11 at night the duty pediatrician. He is the first time takes 10 minutes to the story of mother to listen and immediately diagnosed pertussis. As a mother is asked to monitor Manou to a saturatiemeter, and she gets a tube with extra oxygen for any attack in its nose. But unfortunately the tube is not suitable for small babies and not to fix. The saturatiemeter often gives warning that the nurse is often not as a mother and the nurse call because her baby more dead than alive in her arms has replied that they should not think they à la minute in its area. Usually, if the nurse through the worst weather is over. Mother takes her time with 24/24 hours of her daughter breathing monitor, without a minute's sleep, breastfeeding afkolven, milk thickening and give a bottle, cleaning up vomit, luchtwegverwijders administration and all other medications, and her daughter support cough in the attacks. No time to recover from pregnancy and caesarean section. There follows an investigation bariumpap with a very heavy hoestbui during the investigation, which the erroneous diagnosis is made massive reflux. According to the pediatrician, the parents too many questions as they suggest that the hoestbui the possible bariumpapproef failed by a hoestbui ... or bronchitis a suffocating cough Showers and blue discoloration may or ... ... ... No, they must have patience . Mother asked if she might have a pancreatic fibrosis can have, not to comply. They hear the pediatrician in the corridor say that a typical mother worried about nurse.

The evening after the barium papon research is completely wrong. The breathing pauses and blue during the coughing attacks are worse and longer. Manou has tremendous intestinal cramps because of the thickened milk, bariumpap and various medications. Moreover, they rales , heavy breathing. Screw for the department unfortunately not an option . In the weekend is yet another pediatrician that the situation bagatelliserend estimate. It will all be fine again. After much insistence, a transfer to a university hospital regularly. There is an ambulance including a pediatrician who immediately see how serious the situation is right and the lung gently uitzuigt of Manou, which never happened. Immediately she was connected to monitoring equipment, and even during the transfer of Manou from the ambulance to the infection department in Leuven is connected into the surveillance. So serious is the situation, while the pediatrician still had proposed their own transport to go. With each cough attack its long gently sucked out. That's about every hour. In case of acute emergency is always a nurse. If necessary, they are within 2 minutes of ventilation are. Manou again may just drink the breast. A lot of drugs to be stopped and it is a sound saturatiemeter connected. They may finally after 2 months in hospital and home, with dry cough and breathing good breaks, but without monitoring. But on November 19, as a mother for the first time out to go with Manou the weather is completely wrong. She gets a severe suffocating hoestbui, mucus can not lose and gets bluer. In general panic call mother, who thinks that the child is deceased as they appeared to Manou before. With the ambulance, she again moved to the university hospital. There is thought to further infection and started with a course of antibiotics with mucus solvers and luchtwegverwijders. After 4 days they go home with uitzuigapparatuur and O2. Two weeks later the weather wrong. They would have an additional bronchitis, but drugs do not offer a solution. The subsequent weeks follow regular hospital visits. Her hair falls in a week and they will also have diarrhea. The pediatrician does not know more. She is still on pancreatic fibrosis, but it is not happy. Maybe a cow's milk allergy, so mother to a cow's milk free diet, but that does not help.

The homeopathic treatment mother told

Then finally to Dr Smits. (10-01-00) Manou than 4 months.

On TV we hear that he can cure whooping cough. We believe it initially, but give him the benefit of the doubt. We call him for information and may same day justified because the seriousness of the situation correctly estimate. The treatment does not immediately. However, we trust and are often in contact by telephone. The third means really good saves, but all in all Manou remains still coughing two months, but less and less. We remain terrified by any hoestbui that goes wrong again. But Manou is making steady progress. The day before the visit to the homeopathic doctor, we have an appointment with the professional so r that Manou has already seen. It comes to the following conclusion: A violent aftermath of the whooping cough could, but it is likely that a severe degree of reflux and / or significant lung derogation. Manou some days she wants us to do investigations and 4 including a bronchoscopy. When asked two other paediatricians also recommend further investigation. But homeopathic doctor Tinus Smits press us on the heart that it was in effect pertussis, and only about whooping cough, what he can handle. We trusted the expertise of Dr. Smits. After two months is not only her cough for 80% gone, but the additional complaints completely gone. However, he is not satisfied with. "We are 100%" says Dr Smits. Manou gets another homeopathic means and within a few days, the cough and coughed only a little. At last we have peace and an end to a nightmare that has lasted far too long.

Case 2

This story I was already forgotten. It appeared again when I recently returned to Mrs hours and saw the prevailing pertussis epidemic was mentioned. Oh Doctor, you have helped me was so great, she said enthusiastically. I asked for her experience to write. Read for yourself, it speaks for itself.

Prague Have you ever seen in May? It is beautiful. Happy and satisfied we return from the holiday. Unfortunately, my husband starts to cough. The whole way back. And at home, too. My daughter of fifteen, so lidair as it is, it does good. The cough is a severe form. My husband calls the doctor and get a bottle to drink cough. He is very ill for three weeks. An ordinary flu, we think. In the meantime, close my oldest daughter joined the community of the cough him and to complete everything I have to make the turn.

My husband heal after three weeks about the "flu". My daughters go on with terrible cough showers. I feel only. I cough so that I feel that my lungs apart splashing. I can count how many muscles I have, as do all his pain and not a little bit too. And do not forget the ribs. I am accustomed to bruising turn my previous period, but this feels like broken ribs.

Nevertheless put me down in the diagnosis of the good doctor and I cough more. Then I go to my regular medical check Smits, my homeopathic doctor. It takes all of my complaints with me, including the cough is raised. He listens to me and says: "You know what you have? Pertussis. "

"That can not, follow my easy answer," because I'm vaccinated.

"That may happen, but the vaccination protects not more. "

Fun is different, but what now? Fortunately, there is a solution in the form of a homeopathic medicine. Thanks, I take the recipe. The whole family is relieved that what we already sick weeks finally has a name.

Home I immediately consulted the Internet to find out what this really means pertussis. And I also immediately against an opinion that all cases of pertussis should be reported to the doctor, everything in the system. So I conclude that I am not alone and I call the doctor. There is a blood test because the doctor is not itself a diagnosis can be. After the results have been, I hear, that nothing be done about it. The mainstream medicine has no means to deal with the whooping cough.

But at that moment that I do not care, because I lost the pain. After a week. Not that I do not cough, because the homeopathic doctor himself can not perform miracles, but the pain is gone. My muscles are a whole rather than an endless collection of pieces painful and my ribs, well they are still there, but they feel normal again. And all in a week. I'm not religious, but I thank God for homeopathy!

Case 3

Tim is only nine months old as he, like his brother of three and get pertussis. The symptoms leave no doubt about the diagnosis, but there is still blood pricked to the two children who are not vaccinated against whooping cough in order to confirm the diagnosis mainstream. The test confirms that it is indeed pertussis. As a parent I consulted with Tim to see if she coccus Cacti 200K and there is clearly less to cough, but still exhaustive dry cough. I doubt whether the product is good, so I write him the same plea to a higher potential for. If it is, the better, if it is not doing nothing more and 24 hours later, we know how it is. But the next night, he has every hour uncomfortable Bulder showers. He is completely exhausted. He pinches mother's shoulders during the rain and the tears running him on the cheeks. He has a lot of burden of tough mucus threads that you can draw from his mouth. So I decided Kali-bichromicum for him to write the next day and it is much less mucus and after two days almost entirely disappeared. Although he now feels much more comfortable, happier, to look better and less stuffy by the disappearance of the slime, he keep dry cough at night, which clearly indicate that whooping cough has not disappeared. During the dry cough he now hands on his head, scratches his head broken and picking up his hair, among other symptoms that lead to the plea Bryonia, a 200K does wonders. The next day, the cough almost disappeared, the attacks are much less and less and mother now has a strong sense that it is, which is always an interesting symptom. Some days Bryonia and whooping cough is completely gone. Ten days were needed for this baby to a complete healing to come.

Case 4

His older brother was three and together with Tim treated for whooping cough. With him went a little faster. Even his mother had coccus Cacti 200K, but it was not really that many did when I saw him then. He responded well Hyoscyamus and dry cough names immediately. As a follow means he Phosphorus its slime to solve, but that he worsened. At night he got in panic during the coughing attacks, he screamed, spoke gibberish and was not easily approachable. He had a lot of thirst and went immediately sit as the attack began. Also, it seemed as if his eyes during coughing uitpuilden and he almost choked in his slime. I wrote him for what he Bryonia MK that night a few times before going to sleep was. He cough that night and not once slept a hole in the day. He was only at half past twelve noon awake. It is the really good days with him, but after a few days, he produces a lot of mucus clot. Again I write them now Phosphorus for which he now responds very well and he was barely affected by mucus. He sleeps all night without a hoestbui. Although he occasionally has a little cough I decided just to wait and see if he is completely healed or that pertussis is again on the head will stabbing. Treatment of pertussis requires the homeopathic doctor, an intensive care, but the result is also special. Mother can get relieved breath and her children also.

Case 5 and 6

Timo is a child of 3 years old when he and his brother get pertussis. He has my special attention, because he is a fast growing sponge has glioom (cancer in the brain), which is not treated in mainstream medicine. Even specialists in London and New York were to agree. But wait until your child wants to die but do not over and they looked so help me as a doctor for Non-Toxic Tumor Therapy (NTTT), despite the fact that the pediatrician had clearly warned that they do not have to try an alternative, there was is still nothing. Of course I could not promise, but it is already a year Timo.Op with a recent scan showed the tumor to a complete stop to have. A tumor within three to twelve months to the death. If it becomes clear that he has whooping cough, is just the family on holiday at the seaside, but I still advise them to come along and treatment is not yet a week to be postponed. I write him Drosera and give them a reserve asset. But unfortunately, also helps the second agent (Hepar sulphuris) and not four days later, I still Timo back. He has a fever, is weak and would not eat. He now has fibrous mucus in which he seems to choke. It is becoming increasingly benauwder the attacks are triggered when he eats or drinks. His lungs are full of mucus, and indeed he looks sick. I write Kali bichromicum 200K for the slime to solve so he could get air. And thank God it works, the next day, he clearly less mucus and the cough is much less. We are now on track and into calmer waters. Kali bichromicum also to Timo the fibrous slime quickly. With his seven-year-old brother is also good. He responded well to the second means that I had to give him. After Bella Donna 200K was the next day without running back to muggy weather and underwater swimming, where he is good at. The nocturnal cough showers are immediately reduced by half and he feels a lot better. Eventually both children were still Pertussinum MK, because the cough was not completely disappear. Pertussinum is whooping cough in homeopathic dilutions (nosode) and often works well as the whooping cough on his return or in people who have been coughing after whooping cough through it. By Timo and his brother cleaned the last bit of whooping cough on. Also with them was a 10-day cure pertussis whole.


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