Post-Vaccination Syndrome


Treatment is with potentised vaccine. Usually the best method for chronic PVS is to administer this remedy at four different potencies during four consecutive weeks (in many, esp. severe cases 4 consecutive days proved to be too fast); the first week 30C, twice , (e.g. on Monday and Thursday); the second week 200C, twice; the third week 1M, twice and the fourth week 10M, twice. If a course is repeated and there have been no severe reactions a shorter course can be given lasting 15 days, every potency twice with one day between every administration. In each case about 10 globules (diameter 6.72) are introduced directly into the mouth without any fluid to be drunk. The granules dissolve completely within one minute. It is advisable not to eat or drink or brush the teeth for half an hour before or after this administration to allow the medicament to act without interference. If the symptoms are aggravated after one of the four potencies it is always necessary to wait until the reaction is over before continuing treatment. In such cases the same potency is then repeated. This procedure is continued as long as necessary for the patient's reaction to cease, normally after one or two repeat doses. The series is then completed. It is also possible to treat a severe reaction with a solution of the 30C. For this, ten globules are dissolved in half a glass of water which is administered, a sip or teaspoonful at a time, for one or two days. The most common reaction is fever, which does not require further treatment. If the disorder has not completely cleared up after the first course, the whole series can be repeated. One to three series is usually sufficient.

In acute cases the treatment is largely similar, differing only in that the preference in acute cases is given to aqueous solutions of a 30C or 200C as described above. This solution is administered at the rate of a sip or a teaspoonful an hour for a number of days; three doses are usually sufficient. See case 6, Ragma.

Even where the post-vaccination syndrome is of several years' standing it can still be treated successfully, as is shown by case 7, where the patient had suffered for eleven years, and case 8; with a prehistory of 17 years. In both cases the complaints were effectively fully cured.