Post-Vaccination Syndrome


The disease

Typhoid fever is caused by a bacteria transmitted via food and water contaminated with human feces is transferred. The incubation period is 12 to 14 days. The disease is characterized by high fever for 2 weeks, painful, sometimes bloody diarrhea, an enlarged spleen, intense fatigue, headache, insomnia, dizziness, blood noses and a slow recovery. This disease has almost disappeared from our region through improved hygiene. In France a year are still 200 to 300 cases. It is estimated the number of worldwide deaths from typhoid fever to 600,000 per year. The mortality rate is mainly due to poor health due to malnutrition, infections and chronic parasitose (worms, etc.) combined with a lack of appropriate specific treatment (antibiotics). The disease belongs to the family of salmonellosis. Goedaardigere forms in Western countries as gastro-enteritis (stomach-bowel inflammation) by contaminated raw vegetables, milk, eggs, chicken and seafood.


Treatment with antibiotics works well. The problem lies in the diagnosis, however, that only a laboratory can be made. In case of doubt, any serious diarrhea and typhoid fever to be treated. It is increasingly evident that bacteria resistant to certain antibiotics. The homeopathic treatment requires a high level of expertise. Catherine Gaucher shows in her book Cahiers de Médecine Homeopathique, pathology tropicale et homeopathy , interesting information for the homeopathic doctor.

The vaccine / side effects

There is a vaccine containing killed Typhoid bacteria, which vaccination is sufficient, but the protection is only 70%. Often contains the remnants of formol and phenol. The vaccine is still a local and general reactions.

Today is also a vaccine with attenuated pathogens and oral (by mouth) is taken, which then develop in the intestines and thus provide for antibodies against the disease. It also explains the possible side effects: headache, vomiting, colic, fever and skin rash. This vaccine is as effective as the injected vaccine. Such a vaccine is probably safer than the injected vaccine, because the natural besmettingsweg respects. From this vaccine three capsules with an interval of 48 hours to be welcomed. The protection occurs after 10 days. During the course no antibiotics or anti-malarial drugs are welcome.

Other salmonellosis

Other salmonellosis are very frequent in the tropics, also called tourista said. They are transmitted to humans by animals, which are healthy carriers of the bacteria. Treatment with antibiotics is not in place because the carrier of the bacterium can cause and the resistance to sulfa preparations makes it not easier. I would advise passengers to preventive 3 grams vitamin C per day to swallow and to ensure a good preparation to take gut flora. Once the first signs of a darminfectie begin as soon as possible with the intake. This prevents many misery.

What is wise?

The tourists who visit third world countries in modern hotels and restaurants is not a major risk. But who withdraws Brousse is more likely through contaminated water or raw vegetables. Preference goes to the oral vaccine. Like hepatitis A applies carefully deal with drinking water, only sealed bottled water, even brushing your teeth with tap water, soft drinks in your presence is always open to make, no raw vegetables, fruit first half hour in salt water, then dry and peel, except bananas. Good hand washing before you eat. If you opt for the vaccine then you are not exempt from this kind of precautionary measures, otherwise you run the risk of your unique and expensive holiday in the water in falling from a severe diarrhea. Diarrhea with or without vaccines remain the biggest health in tropical countries. May also be chosen for homeopathic dilutions of Txxxxxx*. How well this works is not clear, but from years of experience with homeopathic dilutions of the ixxxxxxxx*, mxxxxxx* (see Malariaprotocol) disease and other products (nxxxxxx*) shows that there is a protective effect. You should then have 4 tubes with four different potenties in Granule: Typhoid 30K, 200K, MK and XMK (make Dolisos). The grains should be the sole and you can melt half hour before and after ingestion not eat, drink, smoking or brushing your teeth. The first day takes two grains of the 30K, the second day 2 grains 200K, the third day 2 MK grains and fourth day 2 grains XMK. You do the grains and not to take a one-time series is sufficient.


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* This text was censored by the Dutch government. The original uncensored text can be found at
Censored text: Typhoid nosode, Hepatitis A nosode, malaria nosode