Post-Vaccination Syndrome

Hepatitis B

The disease

Hepatitis causes liver inflammation and jaundice. We distinguish between Hepatitis A, B, C, D, E. There are only vaccines against Hepatitis A and B. Hepatitis B was an iatrogenic illness, ie caused by medical treatment. The virus is transmitted by blood, by non-sterile syringes, blood transfusions, pharmaceutical products derived from blood products made by contamination during operations, serums and vaccines. The largest epidemic ever occurred in 1942 was caused by hundreds of thousands of American soldiers by a vaccine against yellow fever. 2 The incident was kept secret 45 years. The virus can also not protected by sexual contact and from mother to her child at birth caused. Thus today for hepatitis B among drug addicts, persons with a lot of changing sexual contacts, prostitutes and homosexuals. Even immigrants from Third World countries are often contaminated because of hepatitis B much more common. The measures in the medical world to be taken, preventive measures against AIDS and vaccination of risk, the frequency further reduced.

The disease has an incubation period of 2 to 6 months. Usually the disease is benign, only 30% showed symptoms. Sometimes there is a chronic fatigue with a very slow recovery process. Most people fully healed, but in exceptional cases, the disease can lead to death. Sometimes there may be a chronic liver infection and cirrhosis occur (fatty liver), especially in combination with alcohol abuse. It may ultimately liver cancer occur. The total population, however, this risk is extremely small. 5-10% are chronic carriers of the virus and can infect others through unprotected sexual contact or blood. Approximately 1% of the population are chronic carriers.

The most common symptoms are: slight fever, nausea, fatigue, no appetite, abdominal pain, vomiting, headache, pain and swelling of the joints and jaundice, which are often only one or two weeks later visible. The liver is swollen and sensitive.

Despite political pressure from some political parties, Minister Borst in 2001 wisely decided not to vaccinations for infants and to the objectives set by the WHO in the above manner.


Abroad, there is still a debate whether the hepatitis B vaccination is safe. In France, after a massive campaign by the pharmaceutical industry has become very cautious, because more and more cases of serious side effects were found. France in the safety of vaccinations being questioned is exceptional, since vaccination in France and opponents of mandatory vaccination always be silenced. There are in the past from their parents or deprived of parental power in the prison because they refused to leave their children in slips. Not inoculated children still have no access to kindergartens, a trend that is discernible in the Netherlands. There is no legal validity, since in the Netherlands are not required vaccinations. It was in France a special organization was set up for the many side effects to register since 1994, the Revahb (Réseau pour l'évaluation du hepatite B vaccine). There have been 1800 documented cases ready and still there are new reports. These are serious complaints such as MS, neurological disorders, visual and auditory symptoms, and various autoimmune symptoms: diabetes mellitus (diabetes), rheumatoid arthritis Police (inflammation of the joints), ALS (amyotrophic lateral sclerosis, a disease of the spinal cord to severe paralysis and eventually death), vasculitis (phlebitis), purpura, glomerulonephritis (renal pelvis inflammation), etc. 3 In the Paris region where 450 000 children and adolescents were based, were in two years 578 cases of MS-like symptoms in the group noted. That represents an increase of 80 times the normal rate among this population group. This finding led to the hepatitis B vaccination in the Paris region was suspended. One possible explanation for the MS-like symptoms, the presence of aluminum hydroxide and Thiomersal (a mercury compound) in these vaccines. An explanation of the force is available in the following chapter. Under the same young people were in the Paris region five cases of a brain tumor discovered. The explanation may lie in the fact that the virus is grown on verkankerde ovaries (of ovarian cancer cells) of hamsters (Genhevac B) or beer yeast (Engerix, HBVax DNA).

The vaccine

The hepatitis B vaccine is a subunit of a virus that uses animal material farmed. The purity and impeccable nature of such a vaccine is not 100% guaranteed. This range of allergies, especially for animals that have already arisen as to the BMR is the case. The vaccine contains aluminum hydroxide. We know that the aluminum in the tissue through which it connects with ferritin instead of iron, which anemia may occur. Moreover, it is toxic to the cell vacuoles (cavities) to cause, and this ultimately leads to the death of the cell (celnecrose). Moreover aluminum pass the blood-brain barrier and accumulates particularly in the hippocampus and the frontal cortex (cerebral cortex). This could reduce the cognitive capabilities (understanding) and the occurrence of dementia, Alzheimer's, epilepsy, Parkinson's disease, MS and ALS (amyotrophic lateral sclerosis, a disease of the spinal cord leading to severe paralysis and eventually leads to death .). In addition, the vaccine also thiomersal, a mercury compound, including the blood-brain barrier and pass a similar effect as aluminum hydroxide.

In America, people become very cautious with regard to the hepatitis B vaccination, because they suspect that these various vaccine viruses in the community began to circulate. Due to a high dose Thiomersal (3x in the first four months), a mercury compound, it is recommended babies only hepatitis B vaccine as they are older than six months.


Hepatitis B, like AIDS through blood or sexual contact, and therefore over the same measures to be taken to prevent infection with AIDS. There is therefore no need for all babies against the virus graft (90% of the infections will occur after the age of 20 years), their immune systems are already under great pressure because of the many vaccines in the first given year (DKTP / HIB (4x) and BMR by 14 months). Moreover, hepatitis B for children and adolescents relatively little dangerous because they generally still have a strong defense against viral infections and the infection risk is relatively low. Nor can the disease using natural medical treatments, such as classical homeopathy and natural medicine itself successfully treated.


How often vaccinations serious side effects so it is difficult to assess, but that serious effects is clear, given the experience in France.

Finally Here are two examples from my own practice of vaccination damage caused by the hepatitis B vaccine. Both cases were not reported to the RIVM.

Case HB1: This 33-year-old mother of Mrs and two children for hepatitis B vaccination at the top and sport very much. On 21 - year-old age (1987) they get hepatitis B vaccinations in connection with its function as a laboratory assistant in a hospital. After the first vaccination she inexplicably tired. To them three months later the second hepatitis B vaccination is given, the fatigue still significantly expanded its concentration decreases, it is lifeless, can not eat more fat and is gradually treaties 20 kg. They get headaches in her mind and is much more susceptible to infections, such sore throats. She is the sickness in over three years, after which they gradually therapeutic basis trying to resume its work. But it's not the thread to address them remains in a poor condition. Eventually she gets discouraged because she is trapped in its own world and see no way out. She is day in a psychiatric hospital, but the psychiatrist does not understand what is going on. It is not true, he says, it's not really psychic. Six months after discharge from the hospital gets them into a depression and Prozac swallow. A year later, she still Pfeiffer's disease, in an already weakened liver. It seems a sledgehammer blow to its already meager state, she is recovering after a year. If they hobbelt five years. When I see her at the end of 1999, it is still very tired quickly and she lost confidence in her body. Sports can no longer and they should always adjust its count. The treatment is simple. It is for me as a homeopathic doctor, who went to search for causes of complaints is not that difficult a relationship with the hepatitis vaccine as the first diagnosis. I give her a series of Hepatitis B vaccines in homeopathic dilutions. Although a causal relationship between her complaints with the hepatitis B vaccine is no doubt is still true that the only real proof comes when they are homeopathic potencies of vaccines that fully or almost completely cured. Five months later after three hepatitis B homeopathic treatments, it is almost completely the old one. She has energy to turn things to take. She is the last winter was not sick, while previously they always fought with the children. Her headache is less. She is back to its condition to build fitness and confidence in her body received. She says, 'I can now evening until late into the night back to a party and the morning is again functioning normally. They have lunch even more rest. She is back in power and its going to. Life is not so heavy. And as we used in solving a math problem written QED (quod erat demonstradum = what proved to be) is also in this case with the healing of the complaints by the hepatitis B vaccine gepotentiëerde the evidence that the symptoms actually hepatitis B vaccine came.

Case HB2: This 44-year-old lady, nurse, gets 5 years ago, the Hepatitis B vaccination, they get in the week all complaints: anxiety, wheezing, coughing, stuffy nose, itchy eyes. The complaints are not going to take more and gradually increasing. She is allergic to animals, effort, and chloorwater cleaning. Here the relationship is less clear, because why should they not also received complaints when they were not grafted. The homeopathic ontstoren of hepatitis-B vaccine, however, her symptoms almost disappear and the allergies less clear. They might swim again in chloorwater without sneezing, to snivel and turned down to save. Her complaints after five years in a simple way to cure.


Regular is for acute hepatitis B infection treatment. Many peace, easily digestible food, no fat and alcohol support the healing process. Nature Medicine and homeopathic the patient generally well treated.

What is wise?

Hepatitis B is not teething and not as dangerous as they often do want to come. If a vaccine for a disease, the severity of a disease often exaggerated, as happened with the measles (see measles). There is no good reason for children exposed to such a vaccine remains poorly studied, and whose long-term effects are still unknown For them, the vaccine is only an unnecessary burden on their body and an unnecessary risk. Moreover, the vaccine is only 5-10 years and they still need to be re-vaccinated at an age when they come to any risk, from about 18 years. Fortunately, in the Netherlands not to child vaccination for hepatitis B gekomen.De group which is eligible for vaccination, the drug addicts, dialysis patients, hemophiliacs and others who regularly receive blood or blood derivatives and Babi of mothers who carry the virus. For professionals who come into contact with blood, homosexuals and people with varying sexual contacts, the benefit would be questionable and voluntary vaccination could be offered. Previously showed that mass vaccination is not always better results than a more targeted measures to curb disease. For example, Netherlands country with the world's least tuberculosis, while in the Netherlands never inoculated against TB. In France, where Babi's hand shortly after birth has inspired many more will be for tuberculosis. The detection and treatment system that has long been used in the Netherlands is showing excellent standards.

For further information please read: diseases and vaccines detail , issued by the Dutch Association of Critical shots, June 2001


Although Hepatitis B is more common in many third world countries is not needed against the disease to be vaccinated. Yet more and more tourists are advised against this disease to slips. But given the manner of infection in the tropics, there are not more likely than in the West. Additional risk sex tourists and development workers in health care. They should consider a vaccination. If you have an accident than is the risk of infection in a hospital certainly present, but on the whole group of tourists, this is a negligible risk. Some tourists take along their own syringes. You run it or the risk to tourists as to drugs and drugs to be searched.


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