Post-Vaccination Syndrome

Malaria Protocol

  1. Take for departure to a malaria area the nosode Malaria in 4 different possibilities: (nosode Malaria granule 30K, 200K, MK and XMK of the Dolisos brand)
    first day: 30K
    second day: 200K
    third day: MK
    fourth day: XMK

    Every time 2 large grains (granular) to melt under the tongue; do not eat, drink or brush teeth half hour before and after administration.

  2. From the day before arrival in the malaria area take Chininum arsenicosum D6 tablets; 1 tablet daily, up to 3 weeks after leaving the malaria area.

This method can be used by everyone, young and old, in the same doses and for every country. Follow the method exactly. These medicines have virtually no side effects. Even if you are pregnant you can safely use prevention. In case you stay longer than 3 months it is wise to repeat the Malaria nosode every 3 months.

I utilize this method successfully for 20 years. So far 4 people got infected: a lady who used the homeopathic as well as the allopathic prevention (Lariam) during a canoe trip on Lake Victoria in Africa and a man in Afracan Ivory Coast who developed a very mild form of Malaria but healed without problems. In addition, 2 women who visited Gambia and got a Malaria Tropica infection. Since 5 years, more than 300 people registered who successfully followed this method in all parts of the world. Some even during years of residence. For the statistics, it is important to me that after you return (after 3 weeks) you leave a messageĀ  that states if everything went ok, how long you were in a malaria area and how many people used this homeopathic prevention. So please fill in our electronic form.

N.B. The use of this form of prevention is done at your own risk, just as the regular prevention. There is no scientific evidence of its effectiveness.

Have a safe and healthy trip!

Tinus Smits, homeopathic doctor